Power Fish Glitter Trout Bait Bloodworm Taste

Power Fish ® Glitter Trout Bait Bloodworm Taste

  • Advanced Dough For Trout Fishing
  • Includes Glitter
  • Fish Pheromones Technology ®
  • Ultra Scent Release Technology ®
  • Floating Dough Technology
  • High Tech Bloodworm Extract For Maximum Fish Attraction

How to Use?

 The most common way to catch Trout With PowerFish is to mold a marble-sized ball of the floating dough bait to your hook rigged as described above and still-fishing (or plunking) with it.

Product Description

Powerfish ® Profish ® is a specialized Dough with advanced Fish pheromones technology that quickly attracts Trout by creating a scent line in the water. The Flaoting Effect of this Doguh has made it twice as attractive to Angelers. This Dough with blood worm essential oil and Glitter is an extremely attractive bait for Trout. Pofish scientists have spent over 20 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor – the Premium PowerFish formula . Glitter in Dough simulates real fish scales and allows trout to see bait from a Long distances.

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