Power Fish ® Glitter Trout Bait Cheese Boost

Power Fish ® Glitter Trout Bait Cheese Boost (Rose Flower)

  • Advanced Dough For Trout Fishing
  • Includes Glitter
  • Fish Pheromones Technology ®
  • Ultra Scent Release Technology ®
  • Floating Dough Technology
  • High Tech Cheese Taste Extract For Maximum Fish Attraction

How to Use?

 The most common way to catch Trout With PowerFish is to mold a marble-sized ball of the floating dough bait to your hook rigged as described above and still-fishing (or plunking) with it.

Product Description

Powerfish ® Profish ® is a specialized Dough with advanced Fish pheromones technology that quickly attracts Trout by creating a scent line in the water. The Flaoting Effect of this Doguh has made it twice as attractive to Angelers. This Dough with Cheese Extract & essential oil and Glitter is an extremely attractive bait for Trout. Pofish scientists have spent over 20 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor – the Premium PowerFish formula . Glitter in Dough simulates real fish scales and allows trout to see bait from a Long distances.

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